The best way to order from us is to call us during business hours (9am to 5pm EST) at (207) 236-8923. In that way, we can best match your order to pieces we have in the showroom or, if the piece is not immediately available, we can customize the order to your preferences.

Note that due to the many variables in firing, exact replicatinos of even our own glazes is not always possible. Some of our more standard glazes are listed below, with images to give you an idea of what the glaze looks like.

Antique Bronze

Slide 5

Tomato Red

Rockport Pottery013

Charcoal Grey


Shino White


Cool Blue Ash


Copper Ash (Emerald Green)


Black Pearl


Celadon (Light Green)


Crow Casserole Medium $120.00

Crow Casserole Large $180.00

Crow Bowls

  • Smallest (sugar bowls w/lid) $48.00
  • Small $54.00
  • Medium $78.00
  • Large $120.00

Loon Casserole Medium $140.00

Loon Casserole Large $240.00

Lobster Casserole Small $78.00

Lobster Casserole Medium $110.00

Lobster Casserole Large $180.00

Lobster Cookie Jar $90.00

Gull Casserole Medium $120.00

Gull Casserole Large $210.00

Turtle Casserole Medium $90.00

Turtle Casserole Large $140.00

Turtle Cookie Jar $90.00

Turtle Covered Pot $54.00

Turtle Cream & Sugar Set $68.00

Jar Fountain with 2' Maple Table $1,200.00

Jar Fountain with 4' Maple Table $2,000.00

Jar Fountain, Outdoor, In-Ground $850.00

Jar Fountain, Outdoor, Above Ground $1,200.00

Deck Jars, Outdoor $400.00

Crow pots are a rich, Gloss Black. Turtle pots are Emerald or Celadon Green. All others are also available in Rustic Red, Cobalt Blue, and Shino White. Fountains come with pumps, tubing, and set up instructions.